At You Smart Consulting, our team focuses on improving your sales force through the establishment of a continuous learning environment.

We engage in a consultative process during review calls with clients. - -

  • Providing training and tips for inside sales
  • Appraisal of remote selling techniques and tools
  • Scheduling weekly check-ins and discussions with our representatives regarding objectives and sales process areas.
  • Gathering insights by carefully observing meetings and phone calls of sales representatives.
  • Assessing email communications of sales representatives during multiple stages of the customer buying process.

Focus on Key Metrics-

We adopt a versatile approach in our agency's sales effectiveness training program. To deliver a precise solution, we address each component—Define, Develop, Drive—individually or collectively. Our extensive bandwidth of curriculum and tools enables us to engage in a step-by-step process. Additionally, our team concentrates on the specific area that provides the most significant sales improvement opportunity and addresses demands that are topmost priorities.

  • Discovery call
  • Call-to-email
  • Call-to-meeting
  • Email-to-meeting
  • Meeting-to-demo
  • Demo-to-close rates
  • Leads generation rate
  • Closing rate

No matter how challenging the task is, we ensure that your sales team becomes more effective and delivers the desired, tangible outcomes. We offer tailored solutions that meet the industry standards and elevate your business to the utmost relevance.

For more details, reach out to us, or click here to access the Sales Effectiveness System Curriculum map and explore our wide range of services and curriculum.

  • Strategic coaching involves providing comprehensive guidance on sales aspects such as entry into a particular market, navigation of intricate buying processes, and effective collaboration with customer champions.
  • Tactical coaching includes strategic guidance and specific recommendations on initiating a relationship, assessing compatibility, and related aspects.

Specific skill coaching comprises helping sales professionals enhance their communication skills, questioning strategies, rapport-building abilities, and proficiency in remote selling, among other key competencies.

Available through 1-2 day classroom delivery (You Smart-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.