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Research Based Sales Training, Sales Coaching & Sales Consulting

The team at Yousmart Consulting, a certified executive coach training ensemble, is the driving force behind the company's inception and continued success. As a global leader in sales training and business development, Yousmart Consulting was founded with the mission to revolutionize the sales industry and rapidly produce successful sales professionals. Our team has developed innovative strategies to empower leaders and teams to adapt, influence, and captivate their audiences through smart and persuasive selling techniques. With extensive experience in corporate sales roles and business management, our team consistently secures new clients each month, demonstrating real-time success in the field. This hands-on approach sets us apart from traditional sales experts who solely focus on teaching and selling programs.

Our team's journey began with backgrounds in Computer Science engineering and economics, leading to key positions such as COO of an E-commerce company and roles in financial services sales, real estate, IT, and marketing sales. This diverse experience across various industries has honed our skills in high-stakes sales environments, where we have consistently excelled.

Currently, our leadership includes serving on the board as the Sales and Marketing head at Abbot Technologies. Our team holds a plethora of certifications in sales, communication, finance, and technology, underpinned by a total of 7 years of experience in business and corporate sectors. This rich and varied background informs our training and coaching methods, making them strategic, results-oriented, and innovative.


With optimisation of sales organization performance, our services enable top-ranking multinational companies to have continuous sales influx and lucrative growth.

65 %
We have collaborated with 65% of the Fortune 500 companies
1000 +
Coached over 1,000 sales experts globally
50 countries
Delivered programs across 50 countries
8 years
Serving as the top-tier sales company for eight consecutive years

What sets us apart?

According to client reviews, our distinctive approaches and methods help us stand apart in the sales industry. Factors that distinguish us from other companies include-

  • Personalized sales solutions as per client demands
  • Industry-specific knowledge proficiency
  • Stimulating learning experience
  • Dynamic and comprehensive curriculum
  • Conventional and digital delivery modalities
  • Seasoned and certified workforce
  • Brings measurable positive changes to the organization
Our Mission

With a client-centric approach, our mission is to guarantee resounding success for clients. Associating with prominent business and sales leaders enables us to deliver enhanced performance and tangible outcomes. We firmly believe in going beyond the parameters of our capabilities and services and strive to take ownership of results alongside our clients.

Our Vision

We envision achieving the zenith of sales and customer success. We realize our vision through demand creation, account expansion, securing opportunities and surveying sales performance. We execute our goals by combining assessments, analytics, learning, and sales process playbooks into a single platform. Our precise and innovative approaches facilitate immediate and more effective implementation of sales improvement initiatives.

Our Value

At You Smart Consulting, our foundational principles primarily focus on honesty and integrity, placing them above all values. We give precedence to the loyalty of both customers and employees. Additionally, we are determined to contribute to our communities and improve our living environments.